Batavia’s Best 2017 High School Football Power Rankings – Who’s #1?

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Alex Brasky | @BataviasBest
Monday, September 18, 2017 |


Here is my second regular season edition of 2017 HS Football Power Rankings – which is a list of the top teams within my coverage area. One team has advanced in my rankings, and one team has fallen down the ladder:


1. Batavia (-)

Batavia is hanging on to the #1 spot in the rankings, but if they are to rise amongst the Section V ranks – they must perform better moving forward as they approach playoff time.



2. Le Roy (+3)

The Knights upset Cal-Mum/Byron-Bergen this week, marking the team’s first signature win of the season. They deserve a major jump in my rankings.



3. Attica (-)

Attica has looked incredibly strong through three weeks of the season. Their multiple weapons offensively, I believe, will serve as the difference in their game vs Alexander this week. 



4. Alexander (-)

Alexander has the area’s leading rusher, and one of the strongest defenses in Section V. If they defeat Attica this week, they will surely move ahead of the Blue Devils in my rankings.



5. Cal-Mum/Byron-Bergen (-3)

The Raiders fell apart down the stretch of their game vs Le Roy last week, and with the loss to the Knights, they have a major hill to climb in order to get back to the top of my rankings.



6. Pembroke (-)

The Dragons rebounded last week after a tough loss in Week 2. In Week 4, Pembroke must once again achieve victory in order to maintain their spot in my rankings.



7. Notre Dame (-)

The Irish have been up-and-down this season, and must find consistency before they become a true contender.



8. Oakfield/Elba (-)

Oakfield/Elba has really struggled offensively throughout the past two weeks after a hot start in Week 1. This week, they must get back on track in order to regain some momentum as they enter the home stretch of the season.

9. York/Pavilion (-)

I really thought York/Pavilion would be more-competitive this season. However, with a young team still growing, my high expectations may have come one year early.



10. Holley (-)

Holley has scored only 12 points in three weeks, and must begin to get the offense rolling if they hope to compete a bit better to close out the season.





Think my rankings are flawed? Reach out to me @BataviasBestHS on Twitter in order to express your displeasure with each of my decisions.



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