Batavia’s Best 2017 High School Football Power Rankings – Who’s #1?

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Monday, September 25, 2017 |


Here is my third regular season edition of 2017 HS Football Power Rankings – which is a list of the top teams within my coverage area. A few teams have advanced in my rankings, and a few teams have fallen down the ladder:


1. Batavia (-)

Batavia is eyeing another trip to the Section V Class B Finals. They most-recently defeated Franklin out of Pennsylvania – without RB Ray Leach, who was OUT.



2. Le Roy (-)

Le Roy kept it rolling with a big win over Avon this past weekend. Next week, they play Notre Dame, which will likely be another win for the Knights.



3. Alexander (+1)

Alexander’s win over Attica leaves no doubt as to who is the best team in the GR. It’s the Trojans.



4. Attica (-1)

Attica really disappointed many with their performance vs Alexander this past weekend.



5. Pembroke (+1)

Aside from Pembroke’s poor performance vs Alexander, they have played good football this year. They have a few tough games coming up, however, and must continue to prove themselves as the season continues.



6. Cal-Mum/Byron-Bergen (-1)

Cal-Mum was recently hit with a few big suspensions, but still pulled out a win over Dansville this past week.



7. Holley (+3)

The Hawks crushed Notre Dame this past weekend.



8. Notre Dame (-1)

Notre Dame was without their starting QB this past week, but even so, their performance vs Holley was extremely disappointing.


9. Oakfield/Elba (-1)

Oakfield/Elba started the season 1-0, but have since lost 4-straight games by wide margins.



10. York/Pavilion (-1)

The Knights offense came to life this past weekend, but their defense left plenty to be desired in a tough loss to Perry/Mt. Morris.





Think my rankings are flawed? Reach out to me on Twitter in order to express your displeasure with each of my decisions.



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