As Bills approach third preseason game, many wonder – will Shady be traded?

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Following recent events, questions have swirled around Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy – with many left wondering if he will be traded. However, though it would make sense for a rebuilding squad to see what they could get for their best player, the Bills’ brass has vigorously denied having any interest in moving the Pro Bowl running back.

My question is, why?

No, as a fan -I don’t necessarily want them to trade Shady. But for a team which is clearly in tear-it-down mode – especially after the departure of Anquan Boldin – to declare they won’t even field trade requests for him is just not good business. Buffalo should be leaving no stone unturned, and should take the gloves off, make an honest effort to rebuild for the future, and leave 2017 in the rearview mirror.

McCoy, already 29 years old, isn’t getting any younger and is just one year away from when most running backs hit a wall and stop producing. Now, I am also not in favor of the Bills dangling McCoy out there and trading him for ten cents on the dollar, but they should certainly see what they can get.

A draft pick?

An immediate starter?


It does not serve the Bills to stand pat and refuse to field offers on what could potentially be their top-trade asset. Instead, progressing toward full-on aggression on the trade and free agent front moving forward is what will be needed in order to finally get the wheels turning in the right direction.

Finally, this isn’t a call to trade LeSean McCoy. This is a call for action – instead of inaction, which has plagued the Bills for too many years.

For once I would like to see this organization go on the offensive, and force their way into the playoffs. Rather than simply waiting for it to happen.

Do the right thing, Bills. Do the right thing.




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