Boys Basketball 2017-2018 FINAL Power Rankings – Who’s #1?

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Alex Brasky | @BataviasBest
Saturday, March 10, 2018 |


Here is the fifth and final edition of Power Rankings for the 2017-2018 local HS Boys Basketball season.



1. Pembroke (+1)

Pembroke’s advancement to the Section V Title game this year, and their ability to compete with Class C1 #1 Northstar Christian in that game is what put them over the top – in my mind – as the top-team in the area this past season. Despite their loss in the sectional final game, they did win the GR League Division I Title, and overall GR League Title following an undefeated regular season.

2. Batavia (-1)

Batavia’s performance in their loss to HF-L in the Section V Class A2 Quarterfinals was disappointing enough to knock them down a peg from my perspective.

3. Cal-Mum 

Cal-Mum was upset in the Section V Quarterfinals, but the five teams behind them in my power rankings also were upset in that round – or earlier. It’s due to that fact, and the fact they won the LCAA Division II Title, that the Raiders remain in the #3 spot to end the season.

4. Le Roy 

The Knights suffered a disappointing loss in the Class C1 Quarterfinals to end the year, but overall their season was a success.



5. Notre Dame 

The Irish suffered a convincing defeat at the hands of Naples in the Section V Class D1 Quarterfinals, but finished as the GR League Division II champ.

6. Elba (+2)

Elba’s win over Oakfield late during the regular season bumped them up a couple of spots in my rankings. Their loss in the Section V Quarterfinals disallowed them from moving up any further.

7. Oakfield

Oakfield fell to Elba late in the year, but they did manage to beat Alexander in the two team’s last meeting of the year.

8. Alexander (-2)

Late-regular season losses to Attica, and Oakfield drops the Trojans to the number eight team in my rankings.



9. Byron-Bergen (+1) 

Byron-Bergen struggled to maintain consistency throughout the season, but a win over Attica late in the year is why they climbed one spot in my rankings.

10. Pavilion (+1) 

Pavilion moves up by default, due to a steep dive from previous number nine team Attica to end the season.

11. Wheatland-Chili (+1) 

Wheatland-Chili beat Holley, Lyndonville, and Attica down the stretch.

12. Lyndonville (+1)

Lyndonville beat Attica late in the regular season, but followed it up with a loss to Wheatland-Chili. They did come back to hand HAC an upset in the Class D1 prequarterfinals – but it wasn’t enough to push them higher in my rankings.



13. Holley (+1)

Holley beat Attica down the stretch. but overall they struggled this year.

14. Attica (-5)

Attica seemed to lose to everyone late in the regular season. The Blue Devils did the most to earn the bottom spot in my rankings to end the year.





Stay tuned for awards and other end of the year items which will be posted over the next week or so.



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