Boys Basketball 2017-2018 REGULAR SEASON Power Rankings – Who’s #1?

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Alex Brasky | @BataviasBest
February 5, 2018 |


Here is the fourth edition of REGULAR SEASON Power Rankings for the 2017-2018 local HS Boys Basketball season.



1. Batavia

Batavia has survived a roller coaster of a season and finally seem to have hit their stride as we approach the Section V Tournament. They play Newark tonight.

2. Pembroke

Pembroke remains unbeaten following a big win over Notre Dame this past weekend. The Dragons matchup with Alexander on Friday is likely the last chance for a PEM loss.

3. Cal-Mum (+1)

A big win for the Raiders, over Le Roy, has given them a boost in the rankings. Cal-Mum will likely finish the season with three more wins, as they have Dansville, Letchworth, and Avon remaining on their schedule – all games they should win.

4. Le Roy (-1) 

Le Roy was handled by Cal-Mum over the weekend, despite beating the Raiders earlier this season. The Knights finish the season with four winnable games, but unless C-M loses unexpectedly, LR will likely remain the #4 team.



5. Notre Dame 

Notre Dame’s undefeated start to the season quickly tapered off, as the Irish have now lost two games in a row heading into their matchup with Wheatland-Chili on Wednesday.

6. Alexander 

Alexander is teetering as they recently fell to Attica, and if they don’t beat Oakfield on Wednesday, they will dip in my rankings.

7. Oakfield 

The Hornets have yet to post a signature victory. Their next chance to move up in the rankings will be when they play Alexander on Wednesday.

8. Elba

Elba is also without a signature win this season, and only have one last chance to pick one up – as they take on Notre Dame in their last game of the season next week.



9. Attica 

If it weren’t for their win over Alexander last week, Attica would have experienced a steep drop in my rankings this time around. They have recently lost to Lyndonville, and Holland (VI).

10. Byron-Bergen 

Byron-Bergen’s wins this season have come over Holley (twice), Kendall, Wheatland-Chili, Red Jacket, and Barker (VI). Although they fell to Pavilion earlier this season, the Gophers were recently hit with a big injury, and I believe the Bees are now the better team. Despite losing to Lyndonville early as well, the Bees have been pretty consistent against the weaker teams on their schedule this season.

11. Pavilion 

The Gophers, who were hit with an injury to one of their best players earlier this year, are just hoping for another win to close out the year. Although they beat Byron-Bergen to begin the season, the injury bug has been too much for them to overcome and are now a different team than they were in November.

12. Wheatland-Chili (+2)

Wheatland-Chili has won three-straight games, after beating Holley, Lyndonville, and Kendall consecutively. Although they’ll likely lose to Avon tonight, this Wildcats team has maintained their effort throughout the course of the season – and it has finally paid off with a few-straight victories.



13. Lyndonville (-1)

Despite a blowout win over Attica, the Tigers followed that up with a loss to Wheatland-Chili a few games later. Lyndonville must beat Alexander or Elba in order to move up in the rankings before season’s end.

14. Holley (-1)

Following their first GR League win in several years, which came over Kendall, Holley has gone on to lose seven-straight games.





Stay tuned as the season wraps-up next week for an updated list of my top-teams in the local area.



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