Brandon Burke (Byron-Bergen Boys Basketball) – Winter Sports Spotlight

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Saturday, March 25, 2017 |


Tonight in the Winter Sports Spotlight:


Brandon Burke – Byron-Bergen Boys Basketball
6’5″- 190 lbs  – Senior


Career Highlight #1:  “Scoring my 1,000th career point during my Senior year.”
Career Highlight #2: “Being named a Ronald McDonald All-Star.”
Career Highlight #3: “Averaging a double-double my Senior year.”


Favorite thing about HS Sports: “Favorite thing is that people are playing the sports because they want to win and because they love it, not because they are doing it for the scholarship or because they get paid to. People are much more competitive that way and it is more fun to play and watch.”
Most-memorable moment throughout HS Sports career: “Most memorable moment was going to Cleveland and playing in the Quicken Loans Arena vs Livonia this year.”
Plans after HS: Attend UB and continue HS Track and Field career.




AB: What do you believe fueled the success which your team experienced during your HS basketball career?

BB: Number one – our coach without a doubt. I remember him telling us day, after day, that we will make it to a League Championship and a Sectional Championship. Although we fell short of accomplishing either of those things, he still pushed us to our best every practice. In the tough games and situations, he would be one of the only people who genuinely believed we could pull through, such as holding Attica’s Owen Thompson to under 5 points when he would score his 1,000th career point later that night (held him to 2 in 3 quarters), beating Livonia in Cleveland, and beating Elba because no one thought we had a chance against them. So I believe he absolutely fueled our success this year first and foremost. Second to him, the players that didn’t necessarily have the most glorious roles on the team were a major factor in this years success. The team members that maybe didn’t get in the game every time and weren’t the ones scoring all the points, but were the ones pushing the starting five every practice, absolutely fueled our success. 


AB: What will you miss most about playing basketball for Byron-Bergen?

BB:I think I’m going to miss ‘The Beehive’ (the fans) the most. Especially from this year. One of my best memories from basketball at B-B was our home game versus Elba this year, when the gym was so packed people had to stand in the corners of the gym. All of their support and school pride was just an amazing experience, especially this senior year.


AB: Moving forward into your post-HS life, what do you hope you take away from your time playing basketball?

BB: I know that I will take the outstanding work ethic and mental toughness that coach Smith has instilled in all of us onto college. These two values have been very important to the team and have taken us to a new level that Byron-Bergen basketball hasn’t been at in a long time. So I hope to carry these things onto college athletics and through life


AB: Do you believe your basketball skills aided your ability as a high jumper in track and field?

BB: Absolutely it did. All sports really (work together in) building on just being an overall good athlete. But basketball especially, being a sport that relies heavily on explosive movements and jumping, has helped me to become a better high jumper.


AB: As a multi-sport athlete do you believe you have an edge on those who limit themselves to just one sport?

BB: I think that I do somewhat have an edge on others in being simply an all-around athlete, as a result of playing multiple sports. But, I think that it is more about the effort, discipline, and hard work that are put into each sport that really gives one an edge over competitors in that sport.


AB: What other abilities do you believe are vital to reaching one’s full potential as an athlete?

BB: Personally, I think some key abilities would be to set goals for yourself, to be willing to put in the hard work, and to hold yourself accountable. Apart from natural talent, I think that having the ability to do these things will bring any athlete towards their fullest potential in whichever sport they pick.


AB: Lastly, do you feel fulfilled as your basketball career comes to an end? Or do you feel like you left something on the table?

BB: I think there’s always some regrets and times that any athlete can look back and say they wish they had worked harder or done something differently, and I do too, but I don’t think I have left anything on the table, I always gave 100%.




Brandon has propelled Byron-Bergen Basketball to great heights over the past few seasons. He will surely be missed by the Bees and their fans next season.



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