Buffalo Bills must start Josh Allen this week vs Los Angeles Chargers

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The Bills must start Josh Allen this week vs the Los Angeles Chargers. Photo credit: Unknown

Alex Brasky | @BataviasBest
Sunday, September 9, 2018 | BataviasBest.org


The Buffalo Bills must start Josh Allen in Week 2 vs the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s the Bills home opener after being absolutely demolished by the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1, and I’m afraid that if Sean McDermott trots Nathan Peterman out there again he will be in danger of losing the team, and the fan base.

There was nothing positive to take away from Peterman’s performance this past weekend, and if this team hopes to create any semblance of a spark against the Chargers they must start their rookie QB.



When it came to Allen’s performance on Sunday it certainly wasn’t perfect, but there were a number of positive plays created by Allen – which is much more than you can say about Peterman. Although I thought his pocket presence was poor, and his vision downfield was inconsistent, Allen showed on Sunday that he is clearly the better option and must be the starter moving forward.

Normally I wouldn’t be so rash in my opinion, being only the second week of the season, but Peterman was THAT bad on Sunday and doesn’t deserve another start.

Many will point to the poor performance of the Bills offensive line as a reason why Peterman may have played so badly, but if you really watched the game the o-line wasn’t all that bad in pass protection and gave both QBs time to throw on several occasions. Allen made the most of his opportunities, while Peterman floundered.

I’m looking forward to the Bills making the right decision this weekend in starting Josh Allen vs the Chargers. Anything else will be met with ire, and rightfully so.

Nathan Peterman has proven that he is not an NFL quarterback, while the jury is still out on Josh Allen.


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