Farewell A-Rod: I’m going to miss #13

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Friday, August 12, 2016 | BataviasBest.org


Alex Rodriguez’s time spent as a New York Yankee was, in a word, captivating. And now that his Yankee career is over, and A-Rod will be forced to move on to the next phase of his baseball life, reflecting upon these past 12 years has been nothing short of nostalgic for me.

Along with Derek Jeter, A-Rod was always on the top of my list of guys who I wanted to emulate as a young ball player growing up in the Batavia Little League program. The way he hit the ball, the way he played the field, and his larger than life off the field persona which developed over the years – all of these details created a fascination with A-Rod that grew within me over many years as a huge Yankees’ supporter. Even with the negatives, A-Rod was one of my guys.

Still is.

Moving forward into his future, I will always follow #13 no matter where the rest of his career takes him. Whether it be to another team within the next year or so, or down to Tampa next spring for Yankees Spring Training where he is expected to assist the team as an instructor, or even as an owner or manager for another franchise in the distant future – A-Rod will forever be in my peripheral vision.

It’s just going to be that way.

I consider Barry Bonds the best baseball player to ever walk this earth. His all-around game was without a doubt the most-impressive in the history of the game. But A-Rod holds his own special place in the game’s illustrious history, and within my memory as a baseball fan as well.

Three MVPs, one World Series ring, and one huge suspension.

A-Rod is the most polarizing baseball player ever to step foot on a diamond.




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