Get rid of all the umpires at the Little League World Series

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Alex Brasky | @BataviasBest
Monday, August 8, 2016 |


Behind the plate, first base, second base, third base, right field, left field. All places where you can find an umpire during August’s Little League World Series action. In my opinion, a few too many.

With six total taking part in a given game throughout the tournament, the number of umpires on the field comes dangerously close to equaling the amount of players – which is striking. I mean shouldn’t this be about the kids?

If you ask a typical little league fan, there has never been a good umpire and there will never be a good umpire. And six of them? That’s a whole new level of awful.

“We just want to get it right.”

Well, in this case, the LLWS got it so very wrong.

Let the kids play, get the outfield umps off the field.


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