Girls Basketball 2017-2018 FINAL Power Rankings – Who’s #1?

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Sunday, March 11, 2018 |


Here is my fourth, and final edition of Power Rankings for the 2017-2018 local HS Girls Basketball season.



1. Elba (+1)


Elba finished their Section V season with a share of the GR Division II Title, the Section V Class D2 Championship, and a win over Wheatland-Chili in the Class D crossover game. They finished 2-1 in three games vs the Wildcats this season, 1-1 in two contests vs Notre Dame, and 1-0 in one matchup with Oakfield. They deserve the top-spot.

2. Wheatland-Chili (-1)


Wheatland-Chili shared the GR Division II Title with Elba, and won the Class D1 Championship before falling to Elba in the Class D crossover game. They finished 1-2 vs the Lancers this season, 1-1 vs Notre Dame, and 1-0 vs Oakfield.

3. Notre Dame (+1) 


Notre Dame finished as the Class C1 Champion this year despite being moved up two classifications after winning the Class D1 Championship a season ago. Although they finished 1-1 vs Elba, 1-1 vs Wheatland-Chili, and 0-1 vs Oakfield during the regular season, ND’s loss to the Hornets came early-on and the string of performances the Irish put together during the postseason sticks out more, in my mind, than the loss to OA early in the year. Therefore, they finish just ahead of Oakfield in my rankings.

4. Oakfield (-1)


Oakfield finished the regular season as the GR Division I Champion, but failed to beat either of the Division II champs (Elba, Wheatland-Chili). They did beat Notre Dame early in the season, but the fact that the Irish won the Class C1 Championship gave them the edge over OA.



5. Batavia (+1)


Batavia fell to Cal-Mum early-on during the regular season – their most-disappointing loss of the year. However, their ability to come on down the stretch and make it all the way to the Class A2 Semifinals gives them the edge over the Raiders in my end of the year rankings.

6. Cal-Mum (-1)


Cal-Mum’s drop in the rankings had nothing to do with anything they did down the stretch, but rather what Batavia was able to do during the postseason. The Devils’ run during the playoffs all but erased their loss to the Raiders early in the year.

7. Attica


During the regular season Attica defeated every GR League team ranked below them, but failed to record a signature win all year. Therefore, they finish in the top half of my rankings.

8. Pembroke


Pembroke won every game they were supposed to win this year. However, without a signature win, they finish in the bottom half of my rankings.

9. Le Roy (+1)


Le Roy treaded water all year, but big wins eluded them – much like most of the other teams in the bottom half of my rankings.



10. Pavilion (+2)


Pavilion’s run to the Class D1 Finals was surprising to say the least. They deserved a bump in the rankings to end the year.

11. Byron-Bergen (-1)


Byron-Bergen did nothing down the stretch to deserve an increase in the rankings. They dipped due to Pavilion’s success in the playoffs.

12. Alexander (-1)


Much like Byron-Bergen, Alexander didn’t make the late-season splash they needed to move up Pavilion surpassed them after the Gophers made a run to the Class D1 Finals.



13. Lyndonville 


Lyndonville won two out of three to end the year, but both wins came against teams outside of my power rankings.

14. Holley


Holley finished the season winless.




Stay tuned for awards and other end of the year items which will be posted over the next week or so.


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