Nominations for the 2017 Batavia’s Best Spring Sports Awards are CLOSED

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Alex Brasky | @BataviasBest
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Over the past few weeks I have been gathering fan nominations for the 2017 Batavia’s Best Spring Sports Awards, but with that process now having reached its end, it is time for me to add my two cents and nominate a group of athletes myself.

Below, you will find the complete list of nominations – both from myself and the fans.

Here is the list of final nominees:


Boys Spring Athlete of the Year – Top boys athlete from the spring season

Eric Neace (Lyndonville Baseball)

Brandon Burke (Byron-Bergen Track and Field)

Matt Genaway (Alexander/Attica Golf)

Girls Spring Athlete of the Year – Top girls athlete from the spring season

Carli Bogue (Elba Softball)

Kiaya Franklin (Batavia Track and Field)

Boys Spring Underclassman of the Year – Top boys sophomore or freshman during the spring sports season

Bryce Yockel (Byron-Bergen Track and Field)

Daemon Konieczy (Batavia Track and Field)

Maxin McKenzie (Le Roy Track and Field)

Tim McMullen (Le Roy Baseball)

Reece Tresco (Le Roy Baseball)

Daren Celauro (Byron-Bergen Baseball)

Aiden Johnston (Oakfield Baseball)

Zach Johnson (Lyndonville Baseball)

Dylan Busch (Alexander Baseball)

Zach Cocking (Notre Dame Baseball)

Trent Rumley (Attica Baseball)

Girls Spring Underclasswoman of the Year – Top girls sophomore or freshman during the spring sports season

Grace Walker (Cal-Mum Softball)

Lindsey Clar (Wheatland-Chili Track and Field)

Abigail Smith (Wheatland-Chili Track and Field)

Samantha Sawyer (Attica Softball)

Madison Howard (Elba Softball)

Hayley Papp (Le Roy Softball)

Ella Lewis (Lyndonville Softball)

Anna Lewis (Lyndonville Softball)

Stacy Buckland (Lyndonville Softball)

Boys Spring Coach of the Year – Top boys coach during the spring sports season

Lance Bannister (Attica/Alexander Golf)

Ieon Koukides (Le Roy Baseball)

Shane Price (Lyndonville Baseball)

Mike Cintorino (Elba Golf)

Girls Spring Coach of the Year – Top girls coach during the spring sports season

Dan Dickens (Cal-Mum Softball)

Joe Moore (Lyndonville Softball)

Kevin Walkowski (Batavia Softball)

The Diamond Dinger Award – Top hitter in all of HS Baseball

Eric Neace (Lyndonville Baseball)

Jacob Hoffee (Lyndonville Baseball)

Collin Noeth (Byron-Bergen Baseball)

Kyle Carpino (Cal-Mum Baseball) – nominated by the fans

Kyle Casey (Attica Baseball)

King of the Hill – Top pitcher in all of HS Baseball

Dylan Hillabush (Holley Baseball)

Collin Noeth (Byron-Bergen Baseball)

Zach von Kramer (Pembroke Baseball)

Casey Radka (Batavia Baseball)

Mike Wells (Lyndonville Baseball)

Jacob Hoffee (Lyndonville Baseball)

Tyler Reese (Notre Dame Baseball)

The Hallmark Hands Award – Top fielder in all of HS Baseball

Josh Laurie (Le Roy Baseball)

Evan Bender (Notre Dame Baseball)

The Silver Swinger Award – Top hitter in all of HS Softball

Hailey Hubbard (Byron-Bergen Softball)

Hannah Paolucci (Alexander Softball)

Meghan Mietlicki (Cal-Mum Softball)

Andrea Coyle (Cal-Mum Softball)

Queen of the Circle – Top pitcher in all of HS Softball

Hannah Rubinrott (Cal-Mum Softball)

Carli Bogue (Elba Softball)

Madi LaGrou (Oakfield Softball)

Samantha Tatarski (Pembroke Softball)

The Titanium Tee Award – Top golfer during the spring season

Matt Genaway (Attica/Alexander Golf)

Ben Pflaumer (Elba Golf)

Boys #TrackNation Award – Top boys Track and Field Athlete during the spring season

Killian Lewis (Pembroke Track and Field)

Butch Ray (Batavia Track and Field)

Eric Davis (Batavia Track and Field)

Brad Misiak (Notre Dame Track and Field)

Brandon Burke (Byron-Bergen Track and Field)

Mitch Chudzik (Attica Track and Field)

Girls #TrackNation Award – Top girls Track and Field Athlete during the spring season

Sophia Zwolinski (Pembroke Track and Field)

Reanne Dressler (Byron-Bergen Track and Field)

Shannon Mest (Attica Track and Field)

Grace Kibler (Attica Track and Field)

All-Batavia’s Best Teams for all Spring Sports – Top athletes in each sport during the spring season

All-BB teams will be selected by myself without using nominations



If you believe I made a tragic mistake in leaving someone off of a certain list, please email me at [email protected]



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