Owen Thompson (Attica Boys Basketball) – Winter Sports Spotlight

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Tonight in the Winter Sports Spotlight:


Owen Thompson – Attica Boys Basketball
6’5″- 190 lbs  – Senior


Career Highlight #1:  “Being named the GR League Boys Basketball Player of the Year.”
Career Highlight #2: “Being named a three-time GR League Boys Basketball All-Star.”
Career Highlight #3: “Being invited to play in the Ronal McDonald Boys Basketball All-Star Game.”


Favorite thing about HS Sports: “Playing alongside friends.”
Most-memorable moment throughout HS Sports career: “Scoring my 1,000th point (against Byron-Bergen during my senior year).”
Plans after HS: Undecided.




AB: Following a fantastic HS career, during which you eclipsed 1,000 career points, is there anything you can point to individually and say “that’s what helped me get there?

OT: There have been several people in my life that have helped me get where I am today. I would really like to thank my parents for supporting me and coming to every one of my games, my brothers for always pushing me to do my best, coach Crowley for always helping me on and off the court, and all my teammates throughout the years. 


AB: Last night, you played in the Ronald McDonald HS All-Star Game. Where does that rank amongst the accolades which you have collected over the years?

OT:It definitely ranks as one of the highest accolades that I have received over the years. I am very honored to have had a chance to play with some of the best players in Section V – while supporting a great cause. The Ronald McDonald House and its volunteers do so much for the community by helping families with loved ones in the hospital. The game is a great way to give back to the countless number of volunteers.  


AB: As a multi-sport athlete, how do you believe that has contributed to your ability as a basketball player?

OT: I believe that being a multi-sport athlete has taught me the importance of hardworking and competitiveness. Whether it is practicing for a sport or playing in the game, I always give my best effort. I also strive to win every game. This mentality has ultimately made me successful in basketball.  


AB: How do you feel the lessons which sports have taught you over the years can be applied to your every day life?

OT: Like I said previously, playing sports has taught me the importance of hard work. I learned that if you really want to do well, on or off the court, the only way to achieve success is to give your best effort at all times. I have applied this mindset in the classroom, which has helped me excel in my schoolwork. 


AB: Moving forward, with you moving on to college, what do you believe is next for Attica Basketball? Do you believe what remains within the program can maintain the success your group was able to experience?

OT: I believe that the Attica Basketball program is moving in a positive direction. Coach Crowley is a phenomenal coach, and has done so much for the program. With his guidance, and the talent from the younger players, I have no doubt in my mind that they can be even more-successful than my group. 


AB: Finally, when you look back on your time spent in the Blue and Orange, will there be anything you feel you left on the table? Or did you empty the tank in your mind?

OT: I feel that I emptied the entire tank. I went out for every game and played as hard as I possibly could. I have no regrets, and I’m proud to say that I played basketball for Attica. 





Owen’s long, illustrious HS basketball career comes to an end, but not before he scored 1,000 points, and was selected as a Ronald McDonald All-Star. Congrats to him.



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