Why are PED-accused David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez treated so differently?

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David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez were both names on a list of over 100 MLB Players who allegedly failed drug tests in 2003 when the league conducted their own survey in order to gain more knowledge pertaining to players’ PED usage – prior to instituting it’s new Drug Policy shortly thereafter.

So why are the two treated so differently?

Many say it is because of the way they have treated people – saying A Rod has treated people far worse than Ortiz. A ‘jerk’ is what they call A Rod.

When do you remember A Rod doing anything close to this?

Or this?

Yeah, A Rod had his moments, and deserves the hate that everyone has shown him over the years. But why don’t people hate Ortiz as much? The dude was a prick his entire career, and acted like a child on the field and in the press in many more instances than I have provided above.

In the end, I don’t hate David Ortiz, and I actually appreciate what he did for the Red Sox fan base over the years. But I just cannot see how a player like A Rod can be treated so poorly time-after-time by media, away fans, etc., but Ortiz is treated like the Golden Boy – even though he is far from it.

Ortiz denied PED use even though all signs point to him in fact taking part in substances that are now on the banned list.

A Rod also previously denied his PED use – perhaps more vehemently than Ortiz has, and in different fashion – but A Rod has since admitted his wrongs, stepped face-to-face with them, and tried to move past what has been a checkered past. If you ask Ortiz, to this day, he won’t tell the truth about anything.

And that makes him a bad guy.



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