Section V Cheerleading Championships (PHOTO GALLERY)

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section v cheerleading championships

Sunday, February 28, 2016 |


Before I was ungraciously removed from the media area yesterday, I was able to snap a few photos at the Section V Cheerleading Championships:


I apologize to those teams who I was unable to cover during the tournament. According to the Section V Chairperson, Batavia’s Best is not up to their standards of media, and they were more worried with keeping their official photographer happy – rather than allow their athletes ample coverage.

It was sad, really, the way the Chairperson continuously ignored my chance to explain to her who I was (walking away from me several times) along with finally walking away from me without acknowledgement at the conclusion of our interaction. Rather than reacting rashly, at that point I decided the most proper course of action was to leave the premises before I caused a disruption of the event itself. In the end, it’s about the athletes, not me nor the Section V Chairperson’s ulterior motives.

Upon being removed from the media area, it was at that point I took to social media to alert the masses just exactly how Section V Cheerleading runs their organization. Which is, I guess, however they want.

I made the decision to take to social media following the incident in order to bring attention to the arrogance and dismissiveness I was treated with yesterday. I’m embarrassed for the best Section in NYS (Section V) and all associated with Section V Cheerleading, for their Chairperson’s actions yesterday. They truly were shameful.


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