Top-5 worst Pro Sports teams to be a fan of

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Over the course of my sports fandom, I have rooted for a select number of teams. The Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Sabres, the New York Yankees, and the Los Angeles Lakers/Kobe. Also throughout that time, I have taken note of teams that would absolutely suck to root for. Here are my Top-5:


5. Miami Dolphins

Let’s just be clear all Florida Sports teams would suck to root for, but the Dolphins have to be the worst. Even when they had perhaps the best quarterback of all-time on their team (Dan Marino) they still couldn’t pull off more than one Super Bowl appearance.

4. Cleveland Indians


Didn’t we introduce the term Native American into the english language because ‘Indian’ was widely considered as politically incorrect? Nobody tell Cleveland that. They don’t give a damn.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs are also an embarrassment to the english language. They should be called the Maple Leaves. Not to mention they haven’t won a game in the playoffs in like 10 years.

2. San Diego Chargers

San Diego would basically be Utopia if their sports teams didn’t suck. And undoubtedly leading the way are the Chargers. The most under-the-radar team never to win a Super Bowl, the Chargers suck.

1. Boston Red Sox


Ok, I know what you’re saying, the Red Sox don’t suck anymore. But still, they went through like a hundred years of never winning a championship and that became their identity – a fan base that was in love with their own sadness. And when all that ended, and they finally won a few championships, the identity was lost and the fan base seemingly became even more miserable. It’s like they would rather root for a loser, and it’s because of this fact that they lead this list.



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