Tuesday’s HS Sports Stats and Scores (10/09/2018) | Batavia Girls Volleyball downs Le Roy

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Here are stats and scores from last night in HS Sports:



Boys Soccer

Holley 6 Kendall 1 FINAL

-Matt Wilson and Kayden Servais each scored two goals for Holley, while Wilson added an assist

-Erik Balys recorded two assists for Holley

Avon 3 Pembroke 0 FINAL

-Jack Bond scored two goals for Avon

Le Roy 7 Wayland-Cohocton 2 FINAL

-Ethan Smith scored four goals for Le Roy and added two assists

-Roan Mallaber scored two goals for Le Roy and added two assists

Eastridge 8 Batavia 1 FINAL

-Not submitted


Girls Soccer

Keshequa Cal-Mum 2 FINAL

-Not submitted

Alexander 4 Notre Dame 0 FINAL

-Macie Riggs scored two goals for Alexander, while Lindsay Czechowski and Taylor Fletcher added a goal a piece

Pembroke vs St. Mary’s (VI) – NOT SUBMITTED

-Not submitted

Lyndonville/Medina 3 Attica 1 FINAL

-Olivia Carter scored two goals for Lyndonville/Medina, while Ella Lewis scored the other goal

Wheatland-Chili Holley 0 FINAL

-Niyah Rosado scored two goals for Wheatland-Chili, while Travina Meeks scored the other goal

Kendall Oakfield/Elba 1 FINAL

-Kelly Mickey scored the lone goal for Oakfield/Elba

Le Roy vs York – NOT SUBMITTED

-Not submitted

Avon Pavilion 0 FINAL

-Ellie Cochrane scored a goal and added an assist for Avon


Boys Volleyball

Pavilion/York (20-25-25-29) def. Gates-Chili (25-22-15-27)

-Luke Milligan (P/Y) 25 kills, 9 digs, 8 aces 

-Cameron Milligan (P/Y) 17 kills, 10 digs, 3 aces 

-Cole Calice (P/Y) 5 digs 


Girls Volleyball

Cal-Mum (23-25-25-25) def. Warsaw (25-19-18-23)

-Katie Harmon (C-M) 16 kills, 14 digs

-Mackenzie Stetzenmeyer (C-M) 20 assists, 5 aces

-Amber Pike (C-M) 24 digs

Pavilion vs Oakfield/Elba – NOT SUBMITTED

-Not submitted

Batavia (25-25-25-8-25) def. Le Roy (27-21-16-25-20)

-Ryann Stefaniak (BAT) 9 kills, 17 digs

-Courtnee Yasses (BAT) 13 kills, 9 aces, 7 digs

-Bryn Wormley (BAT) 21 assists, 9 digs

-Riley Pasquale (LR) 6 service points, 2 aces, 14 kills, 27 digs

-Erika Rauscher (LR) 13 kills, 8 digs

-Hailey Johnson (LR) 12 service points, 2 aces, 1 kill, 3 digs, 12 assists 

-Abbie Woodworth (LR) 4 service points, 1 ace, 9 digs, 21 assists

Attica (25-25-25) def. Lyndonville (19-23-18)

-Mary Weber (ATT) 6 aces, 3 kills, 2 blocks, 4 digs

-Randsley Berry (ATT) 5 aces, 3 kills, 2 blocks

-Ellie Newell (ATT) 6 assists, 4 digs

-Alecia Hinkson (LYN) 12 digs, 8 kills, 3 blocks

-Natalie Ostrowski (LYN) 13 assists

-Hannah Despard (LYN) 16 digs


Girls Tennis

No local contests


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