Wednesday’s HS Sports Stats and Scores (09/12/2018) | Batavia Volleyball beats Eastridge

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 |  Wednesday, September 12, 2018 |


Here are stats and scores from last night in HS Sports:



Boys Soccer

Cal-Mum 2 Le Roy 0 FINAL

-Noah Carnes (Sebastian Kresge), Kevin Goodhue (Jacob Burnett) scored goals for Cal-Mum

Holley Kendall 2 FINAL

-Holley goals scored by Kayden Servais (Kory Puente), Erik Balys (Nathan Nothnagle), Matt Wilson (Servais), John Mounts

Attica 1 Avon 0 FINAL

-Zachary Kowalewski (Nicholas Bonamici) scored the lone goal for Attica

-Seth Kirsch made four saves in his shutout for Attica

Byron-Bergen/Elba 3 Wheatland-Chili 2 FINAL

-Kyle Foeller scored two goals for Byron-Bergen/Elba (Wade Thompson, Greyson Huntington)

-The other B-B goal was scored by Sam Pringle

Letchworth/Warsaw 6 Pavilion/York 0 FINAL

-Ethan Grover scored three goals for LetSaw


Girls Soccer

Batavia 1 Greece Olympia 0 FINAL

-Katie Moore (Brianna Gutman) scored the lone goal for Batavia

-Jenae Colkey made 8 saves in her shutout for Batavia


Boys Volleyball

No local contests


Girls Volleyball

Pembroke (25-25-23-17-25) def. Holley (19-14-25-25-17)

-Amanda Knauss (PEM) 11 kills, 6 aces, 10 digs

-Dekari Moss (PEM) 5 kills, 12 digs

-Olivia Metz (PEM) 6 assists, 4 aces

-Katelyn Curtis (PEM) 5 assists, 4 aces, 9 digs

-Eve Sofia (PEM) 2 aces

Nicole Mrzywka (HOLL) 6 kills, 2 blocks, 5 digs

Rachael Howard (HOLL) 5 aces, 2 kills, 10 digs

Ava Parr (HOLL) 6 aces, 2 kills, 6 digs

AJ Botello (HOLL) 3 aces, 4 assists, 3 digs

Kendall (23-25-25-25) def. Wheatland-Chili (25-13-7-15)

-Olivia Johnson (LR) 7 kills, 9 digs

-Riley Pasquale (LR) 13 digs, 6 kills

-Maille Martin (C-M) 15 assists, 3 aces

Batavia (25-26-25) def. Eastridge (12-24-20)

-Ryann Stefaniak (BAT) 16 kills, 7 aces

-Courtnee Yasses (BAT) 8 kills, 3 aces

-Madison Dedman (BAT) 2 kills, 3 digs, 9 aces

Alexander vs Lyndonville

-Not submitted


Girls Tennis

Batavia Eastridge FINAL

-Elise Hoerbelt (BAT) won 6-1, 6-2 in second singles

-Jasmine Soggs (BAT) won 6-2, 6-1 in third singles


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