Batavia’s Best: Here are the best things I saw on the internet this week

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Round 2 of Batavia’s Best. Let’s open up with the NHL.

The NHL regular season kicked off, and there’s already 2 plays that will probably be in contention for goal of the year and save of the year. Of course, goal of the year is brought to us by that crazy, toothless guy from DC.

WHAT?! I can totally do that move in NHL on PS4, but there’s probably not many people in the real life NHL that could pull off the in-between-the-leg deke and finish on the top shelf from that angle. All this guy does is visit the red light district. I wonder what Ovechkin has in store for us next.

Now let’s talk about the King himself, Henrik Lundqvist.

Holy moly, what a goalie! Stick save and a beauty! Ryan Johansen has a WIDE OPEN NET, and then Lundqvist decides to ruin the kid’s evening. Not sure if the save is more shocking or the fact that a pro hockey player doesn’t bury that.

This next hockey highlight isn’t a monster hit, or a crazy save. It’s something that Western New York and the rest of the league should get used to, however.

At first glance, I thought it was a relatively routine shot on net. Replay shows that Eichel was able to roof that shot from that angle, with Craig Anderson covering most of the net. The Jack Eichel Era is upon us. Pray for the NHL.

The wait was worth it. Hold off on the Bud Light until you’re of age though, champ.

P.S. if you’re playing for the Sabres, you need to start drinking Labatt. Support the local economy.


We’re travelling to the SEC Network, now. Good ol’ fashioned SEC football on a Saturday. There’s nothing better, right? WRONG. Paul Finebaum decided to steal the show and probably countless girlfriends with this move

I’m usually not a big fan of older people trying to do these kinds of things. Creeps me out honestly. I also hate this song, because it’s all I heard every single day this summer. But, Paul Finebaum just unleashed some devastation upon Knoxville. I can only imagine Finebaum’s repertoire of dance moves.


Let’s take things up to the 6, where the Rangers played the Blue Jays in the first two games of the ALDS.

1) Shout out to Prince Fielder for keeping it real for the big guys in pro sports:

We’ve all been there, Prince. Fences are not kind to the big boys. I bet before he went vegetarian, he wouldn’t have been able to even straddle that fence. We’re making progress. Everything’s coming up for the big athletes.

Prince’s teammate Derek Holland made headlines of his own in Toronto as well:

Electric move from The Dutch Oven. Hard to come back from that. Down 0-2, you’re the World Series favorites going into October, and you’re going to let Derek Holland do that to your rally towels in your house? Do or die for the Jays. Pray for the 6. Where is Drake when you need him? He’s letting the world know how he feels;

You’re letting down the 6God, Blue Jays


Last but not least, Roger Gooddell has been murdered by the New England Patriots for about the 7598234th time in the past few months.

Just resign already, Roger.

Have mercy, New England! This man has a family! Stop the fight! If you haven’t decorated your house for Halloween yet, don’t even bother. This house won that battle in the early rounds of the fight.

All of this aside, Gooddell has to resign soon, right? He’s lost control of the league. Brady challenged him and his “absolute power,” and beat him. Gooddell wants to be the dictator of the NFL and Tom Brady says not on my watch. Freedom is the ONLY absolute thing in Tom’s NFL.

That’s all I have for this week. Come back next week, and if you happened to miss Batavia’s Worst from two weeks ago and Batavia’s Best from last week, be sure to read those. If you have anything that you want mentioned, hit me up on Twitter.


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