College Football Quarter Season Review: My, Way too Early, Even Though it’s Late, Top 10

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There is no way to sugar coat it. This college football season has been relatively boring. Time for my College Football Quarter Season Review.

I think that can be attributed to the lack of incentive to schedule anyone difficult which I discovered by looking back at last year’s playoff committee continually dropping the phrase “game control” in their rationale for rankings.  I have something the playoff committee can control and he’s running for president in 2016.


Individually, though, there have been some incredible performances.

Let’s start with the QB.

Jared Goff has proven himself to be the #1 Pro QB prospect this season.  He has fantastic footwork in the pocket, great accuracy, and his arm strength is back from a 2014 shoulder injury.  On top of that he has never stolen crab legs… Oh F off Sonny Dykes, he got hooked up.

Paxton Lynch has had a great season himself.  He has arm strength and the ability to allude tacklers which has been the catalyst for the Memphis Tigers 4-0 start.  They have an outside shot at a New Year’s Day bowl and then they can kiss Coach Fuentes good-bye because he is an up and comer.  

Lastly, at the QB position.  How hilarious is it that the two best teams in the SEC (Ole Miss and Georgia) are throwing out ACC retreads at QB?  The best conference in America has to resort to using Clemson and Virginia’s sloppy seconds.  One thing I will say is besides being a world class dickhead, Chad Kelly seems to be able to play tackle football.

At running back there have been some impressive performances, as well.

Buga Fournette has been a man against boys so far.  It isn’t like his talent was a secret but this year he has burst onto the national scene.  He even had his Heisman highlight play already when an Auburn defender inexplicably jumped on his back only to be shooed off like King Kong swatting at a helicopter.

Another running back that has been dominant has been Dalvin Cook for the Noles.  With Everett Golson scarred for life from an infinite number of Brian Kelly Atomic Head Explosions, Dalvin Cook has had to step.  He is on pace to be a back to back thousand yard runner and is currently 2nd in the FBS in total rushing yards at 476.  

Now let’s look at the wide receivers.

Will Fuller and JuJu Smith-Schuster have been break out wide receivers this season.  Both have shown unbelievable ability to get open and make big plays.  Will Fuller was especially clutch with five of his 18 catches going for touchdowns.  

There are also an unbelievable number of wide receivers at non-AQ schools with gaudy numbers.  Both of the top receivers from Tulsa, Keevan Lucas and Keyarris Garrett are top 15 WRs in total yardage, Daniel Braverman from Western Michigan has 40 catches heading into his game against Ohio State, and Penny Hart from Georgia State has 20 catches in his last two games (one against Oregon).

On defense I tried to tell you about Myles Garrett being a man amongst boys and he has not disappointed.

Current D.C. and former LSU D.C., John Chavis has Garrett playing like an animal.  On top of that, true freshman Daylon Mack is a prototypical 3 technique.  Watch out for Texas A&M to make some noise due to their dominant defensive line play.

Jaylon Smith has also played like a potential number one pick.  It would be incredibly difficult for a linebacker to have his name called first in the draft but Jaylon Smith could be versatile enough to be picked first.  My biggest problem with Jaylon Smith is the closeness in spelling to Jaden Smith who is an incredibly weird kid with an even weirder twitter account.  Anyone Who Capitalizes Every First Letter Deserves To Rot In Hell.  I mean, doing it for that single sentence was as annoying as anything I have had to do today.  Therefore I hope it burns your eyes like it does mine.

Before I go into my Way-Too-Early-Even-Though It-Is-Late Top 10 I would like to make a couple distinctions about this Ohio State team.

First off, we saw a supremely talented Urban Meyer coached Florida teams struggle to overcome Coordinators leaving at Florida.  This past year Tom Herman left the Buckeyes to coach the Houston Cougars.  In 2008, his Florida team won the National Title and lost Dan Mullen.  The next year they went 13-1 which is very good but their offense showed chinks in the armor.  By the time 2010 rolled around and Charlie Strong was gone the Gators were playing Penn State in the Outback Bowl.  Secondly, two years ago Florida State won the National Title and returned a lot of players which resulted in them being preseason number one.  Like it or not, these players are 18-22 year old kids with impressionable minds and it is very easy for complacency to set in.  I wonder if mentally some of these Ohio State kids aren’t already in the NFL.

So my Top 10, even though I would like to see a couple more match ups before putting myself out there is:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Georgia
  3. Michigan State
  4. TCU
  5. Baylor
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Florida State
  9. Ole Miss
  10. Clemson

If you disagree with anything I said, hit me up on twitter so we can talk about it like adults… and I can tell you why you’re wrong using hashtags.  @FerrisAndrew_E


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