LeSean McCoy accused of domestic violence, animal cruelty, and PED use by friend of ex-girlfriend

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | BataviasBest.org


LeSean McCoy was hit with some ugly allegations on Tuesday morning, as two friends of an ex-girlfriend took to social media in order to accuse the Buffalo Bills RB of domestic violence against the ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, and McCoy’s son, along with animal cruelty against McCoy’s dog ‘Henny’, as well as past PED use.

Below is the Instagram post which started all of the controversy yesterday:


Above is the Instagram post from one of McCoy’s ex-girlfriend’s friends which started all of the controversy yesterday. The post has since been deleted, and the profile has been made private.


Since the Instagram post on Tuesday morning, TMZ Sports has reported that Cordon’s Lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, released a statement which stated that her client was sleeping early Tuesday morning when a man entered the Georgia home owned by Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy and pistol whipped her.

In the TMZ report, it goes on to say that Graham also claimed in her statement that specific items were demanded of Cordon by the alleged assailant, including jewelry which McCoy had previously demanded that his former girlfriend return to him.

Police in Milton, Georgia, the location of the alleged attack, have stated to TMZ Sports, that they seem to agree with Graham that the incident was not random, but instead that the residence was specifically targeted in this situation. However, they have not yet specifically named McCoy, nor has the victim’s lawyer – despite her strongly insinuating McCoy’s involvement.

This doesn’t clear McCoy of any wrongdoing, though, as an investigation is ongoing.


Another friend of McCoy’s ex-girlfriend took to social media in order to accuse the Bills RB of sending someone into his Georgia home with the purpose of harassing, and assaulting the victim.


My thoughts go out to the victim in this situation, and if the accusations about LeSean McCoy are true, then #[email protected]% him.

Even if it turns out these allegations are unfounded and McCoy is innocent, no matter how you look at this, things are not looking good for the Bills RB.

Whether or not he is guilty, situations such as these are known to open up a ‘Pandora’s Box’ which typically lead to nothing but bad things for the accused. In laments terms, even if he didn’t send someone to his house to assault his ex-girlfriend, the other accusations made by his ex’s friends could lead to an investigation of its own – and that’s not good.

Investigations such as these typically air all the dirty laundry of the accused, and a trial of public opinion usually follows – and that almost never turns out well.

Aside from those directly related to this situation, who are obviously the primary concern in this case, this also damages the Bills’ hopes of competing in the immediate future. Potentially losing your top-offensive weapon due to suspension, or otherwise, before a season in which you expect to transition to an offensive system that is encompassed by so many moving pieces is simply not a positive development.

Time will tell how this investigation plays out, but I don’t see it working out positively for McCoy, or the Bills.


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