Weekend’s HS Sports Stats and Scores (10/11 – 10/13/2018) | Scores from Thurs., Fri., Sat.

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Here are stats and scores from this past weekend in HS Sports:




Boys Soccer

No local contests


Girls Soccer

Geneseo 1 Pavilion 0 FINAL

-Not submitted

Warsaw Cal-Mum 0 FINAL

-Not submitted

Lyndonville/Medina Roy-Hart (VI) 0 FINAL

-Melanie Hubbard scored the lone goal for Lyndonville/Medina, and was assisted by Ella Lewis

-Selena Austin made 7 saves in the SHO for L/M

Wheatland-Chili Kendall 0 FINAL

-Niyah Rosado scored three goals for Wheatland-Chili, while Lindsey Clara scored the other and added an assist

-Janae Hooker made 7 saves in net for Wheatland-Chili

Notre Dame Pembroke 1 FINAL

-Callie McCulley scored two goals for Notre Dame

-Skye Magoffin scored the lone goal for Pembroke

-Emma Finch made 12 saves in the win for Notre Dame

Attica Holley 2 FINAL

-Halee Passarell and Olivia Radford each scored a goal for Holley

-Attica stats not submitted


Boys Volleyball

No local contests


Girls Volleyball

Warsaw (25-26-17-25) def. Le Roy (20-24-25-21)

-Riley Pasquale (LR) 8 service points, 2 aces, 15 kills, 17 digs

*Riley now holds the school record for digs. She broke 1,000 and now has a career total and the school record at 1,007

-Sophia Jermy (LR) 10 service points, 1 ace, 4 kills, 13 digs

-Olivia Johnson (LR) 9 service points, 5 aces, 14 digs 

-Lizzie Williams (LR) 5 service points, 1 ace, 4 kills, 4 digs

Cal-Mum (19-25-25-25) def. Letchworth (25-19-14-9) FINAL

-Katie Harmon (C-M) 11 kills, 6 aces, 9 digs

-Amber Pike (C-M) 7 aces, 12 digs

Geneseo (25-25-25) def. Pavilion (18-22-15)

-Not submitted

Pembroke (25-25-25-20-25) def. Holley (13-22-27-25-11)

-Casey Wurtz (PEM) 9 kills, 6 digs, 2 assists

-Mackenzie Jurek (PEM) 30 digs, 5 kills,9 aces

-Taylor Dorman (PEM) 16 assists, 9 aces, 2 kills

-Amanda Knauss (PEM) 6 aces, 6 kills 1 block


Girls Tennis

No local contests




Boys Soccer

Le Roy Wheatland-Chili 0 FINAL

-William Stowell scored two goals for Le Roy in the win

-Nicholas Vallese scored the other goal for LR, while Ethan Smith added two assists

Wayland-Cohocton Cal-Mum 0 FINAL

-Not submitted

Letchworth/Warsaw Byron-Bergen/Elba 1 FINAL

-Greyson Huntington scored the long goal for Byron-Bergen/Elba, and was assisted by Kyle Foeller

Pembroke 4 Pavilion/York 1 FINAL

-Gabe Johnson scored two goals for Pembroke

-Noah Martin, and Dwayne Heschke scored the other two goals for Pembroke, while Martin added an assist

-Steven Drozdiel added two assists for Pembroke

Holley Attica 1 FINAL

-Matt Wilson scored two goals for Holley

-Zach Kowalewski scored the lone goal for Attica


Girls Soccer

Brighton Batavia 0 FINAL

-Jenae Colkey made 10 saves in the loss for Batavia

Cal-Mum Letchworth 0 FINAL

-Sommer Kuhn, and Elyse Van Auken each scored a goal for Cal-Mum

-Grace Walker made 3 saves in the win for C-M


Boys Volleyball

Pavilion/York (25-25-25) def. North Rose-Wolcott (17-12-20)

-Cameron Milligan (P/Y) 14 kills, 6 digs, 7 aces

-Zach Wiedrich (P/Y) 2 kills, 3 digs, 6 aces

Midlakes (25-25-25-25) def. Pavilion/York (20-27-17-20)

-Luke Milligan (P/Y) 22 kills, 17 digs

-Cameron Milligan (P/Y) 13 kills, 7 digs

-Cole Tillotson (P/Y) 33 assists, 6 digs 


Girls Volleyball

Notre Dame (25-25-25) def. Archbishop Walsh [VI] (25-18-13-22)

-Clare Misiak (ND) 10 service points, 6 aces

-Gabby Crespo (ND) 13 service points 

-Alexis Danosos (ND) 11 aces

Alexander (25-25-25) def. Lyndonville (21-21-18) 

-Not submitted

Kendall (25-25-25) def. Wheatland-Chili (16-11-11) 

-Not submitted


Girls Tennis

No local contests




Boys Soccer

No local contests


Girls Soccer

No local contests


Boys Volleyball

No local contests


Girls Volleyball

Cal-Mum (25-25-25) def. Keshequa (15-18-17)

-Katie Harmon (C-M) 12 aces, 11 kills

-Mackenzie Stetzenmeyer (C-M) 21 assists, 6 aces

Kendall (27-21-22-25-25) def. Lyndonville (25-25-25-21-23)

-Not submitted

Byron-Bergen Tournament

-Not submitted


Girls Tennis

No local contests


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