Buffalo Bills president Russ Brandon resigns (fired) amid allegations of workplace misconduct

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018 | BataviasBest.org


Yesterday Terry and Kim Pegula announced that Pegula Sports & Entertainment managing partner and president Russ Brandon has resigned due to an investigation into alleged workplace misconduct.

The Buffalo News has reported that, although Brandon claimed he had contemplated stepping away “for some time”, the investigation played a larger role in the decision than he is letting on. Brandon denied the allegations of misconduct upon speaking with co-owner Kim Pegula, but she reportedly felt the former president was “deceitful” in his response, and upon continuing the investigation other job-related issues came to light.

The allegations stem from ‘improper relationships with female employees’.

Kim Pegula will take over as PSE, Buffalo Bills, and Buffalo Sabres president effective immediately. There are no plans to search for an outside replacement for Brandon.



Well, this certainly was a bombshell yesterday. Although a large contingent of Bills fans around the country have been calling for Brandon’s dismissal for sometime, I don’t think any expected his departure to come about in the way that it did.

Russ Brandon had been a part of this organization for two decades, and whether you liked him or not, his hard work and dedication to the Buffalo Bills is one thing that has been undeniable. He served as a top-executive through two owners, several GM changes, and countless head coaching shifts. Brandon was the one constant for the Bills throughout the tumultuous 2000s, and although that plays into fans’ hatred of him, I view his patronage as one that should be remembered fondly.

However, that could all go out the window if we are to find out more about his alleged  ‘improper relationships with female employees’. If this guy turns out to be a creep, then good riddance.


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