One Buffalo: Sabres win NHL Draft Lottery – likely to select Sweden’s Rasmus Dahlin

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Sunday, April 29, 2018 |


In miraculous fashion, the Buffalo Sabres fell into a bit of good luck last night, winning the draft lottery and thus earning the first overall pick in the upcoming 2018 NHL Draft. With the pick, the Sabres are expected to select Swedish born defenseman Rasmus Dahlin.

At just 18 years old, if selected, Dahlin will immediately step in and become Buffalo’s ‘quarterback’ on defense, which the team has lacked throughout the past several seasons. With the selection of Jack Eichel a few years back, the Swede could be the perfect compliment to who many believe will become the Sabres’ next captain in the near future.

Here is a scouting report for Rasmus Dahlin (via

Dahlin is a smart two-way defenseman who can play in any situation. He is a terrific skater and stick handler who can rush the puck, or join the attack in a hurry. Impressive agility makes him a good one-on-one defender. He has fine passing ability, and although not a big-time bomber, he has an accurate shot from the point. Not one to shy away from the physical game, Dahlin is an accomplished open-ice hitter.

Sounds like, to me anyway, that this guy has the potential to be the best player of all-time. He can skate, he can handle the puck, he can defend, he can pass, he can shoot, he can hit. I mean, what’s left?

In the end his success will mean little if the success of the team doesn’t take a drastic step forward over the next few seasons. However, what Dahlin does do is take excuses away from the Buffalo front office. They have what they need in front of them to improve this team.

It’s now time for them to do it.


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