Dane Heberlein (Alexander Wrestling) – Winter Sports Spotlight

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Tonight in the Winter Sports Spotlight:


Dane Heberlein – Alexander Wrestling
5’6″ – 132 lbs – Senior


Career Highlight #1:  “Winning States three times.”
Career Highlight #2: “Winning the first Sectional Team Title in Alexander Wrestling history.”
Career Highlight #3: “Winning MOW at States in 2016.”


Favorite thing about HS Sports: “Grinding with my buddies in the room every day.”
Most-memorable moment throughout HS Sports career: “Winning the team Sectional Title my freshman year.”
Plans after HS: “Wrestle at Division I Binghamton.”




AB: When you look back on it years from now, what will you remember most about your journey to three career state titles?

DH: What I’ll remember most is grinding with my buddies in the wrestling room to get better & to make weight.


AB: You won a load of honors and awards throughout your career. Is there one that stands out above the rest?

DH: I don’t think there is one particular award that stands out more than another. Looking back on High School wrestling, the greatest honor was to have been able to make memories with my teammates and coaches.


AB: You announced your commitment to Binghamton last year. As you move closer to college wrestling, what challenges do you believe the next level will present that you have not yet faced during HS?

DH: Wrestling is wrestling no matter where you go. The greatest challenge to any wrestler transitioning from HS to D-1 is facing an opponent with the same background as yourself (State Champ, etc.) in matches and in practice.


AB: What are you excited about most when it comes to your future and what you hope to achieve?

DH: I am excited to start training and making gains to becoming an NCAA Champion. My whole life is wrestling and I cannot wait to compete against the top wrestlers in the nation.


AB: Last year you told me you will never be satisfied – until you win a NCAA Division I Nat’l Title. What has produced the incredible drive and perseverance to reach your goals which you consistently display?

DH: I know what I am capable of accomplishing. Falling short of anything but the top is a let down to me personally, because I know that I am good enough to be at the top. I love to win.


AB: Being a three-sport athlete, do you believe that has played a role in your great success? If so, how?

DH: Yes, no doubt. I feel every sport can help me in one way or another with being tough mentally or working different parts of my body. I believe to fulfill the whole high school experience every athlete should be a three-sport athlete if they are given the opportunity.


AB: Finally, as a major part of one of the golden ages of Alexander Wrestling, how proud does that make you to be a Trojan?

DH: Very proud. Alexander wrestling has come a long way, and the only way that happens is because of our amazing coaches. Coaches Tom Aldinger & Dee Gugel have had huge influences on my career and I cannot thank them enough. I think upcoming Alexander wrestlers are ready for the challenge to wrestle fearlessly into the future. 




Dane has been without a doubt the most-successful athlete I’ve covered since beginning my coverage of HS Sports. Wrestling season won’t be the same without him on the mat next year.



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